Limited Vendor Booths Available

We invite you to partner with the Texas Battle Bowl and eSports Expo. We are offering a limited amount of vendor booths this year. In addition to the limited supply of booths, we will be working in an application format as all merchandising booths will be exclusive.

For example we have already secured a booth selling Funko Pops, therefore we will not accept any additional Funko Pop booths.

Key Metrics

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Exhibit Floor Space
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Hours of Competitive Game Play
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Tabletop Gaming

The TX Battle Bowl features two tabletop arenas.

The WarGames Arena will host a 2 day 30 player event along with learn to play tables for spectators.

The Patriot Games Arena will host multiple Magic tournaments along with free play and learn to play tables

PC & Console Gaming

The TX Battle Bowl features two console arenas and a PC arena.

The Mission Red Arena will host a variety of Nintendo tournaments with Super Smash Brothers and Mario Kart.

The Fighting Games Arena will host the Street Fighter 6 and Mortal Kombat 1 tournaments.

And finally the Urgent Fury PC Arena will host the Valorant and Call of Duty Modern Warfare II tournaments

Expected Attendance

Regional Event

Attendees' Interest

Attendees' Age

18-25 Years old
31-40 Years old
26-30 Years old
41-50 Years old

Floor Plan

10' x 10' Booth


We have sixteen 10' x 10' booths available

10' x 20' Booth


We have four 10' x 20' booths available